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How to unlock LG G2 for free

August 20, 2013

How to unlock LG G2 for free

How to unlock LG G2 free

How to unlock LG G2 for free – You can unlock the LG G2 for free a few different ways.  The first and easiest way is to just call the carrier the device is locked to and request the unlock code.  It usually helps to tell them you’re travelling overseas, etc and will need the device unlocked.  All carriers seem to have different hoops that you’ll need to jump through but the most common seem to be requiring you to be a current customer in good standing and if it’s a new phone/device to have waited the 60 or 90 days.  Many times you don’t want to wait 60 or 90 days or sometimes you’re not even a subscriber to the carrier the phone is locked to.  In those cases, you can still get a free LG G2 unlock code.  The two sites linked to below offer a “free” option where you sign up for another offer (in some cases free offers as well) and then you get your code for free.  They offer this free unlock code via a service called TrialPay.  To get the unlock code for free you need to add the products to your cart as you normally would but instead of checking out with your credit card or PayPal you can choose “TrialPay” and get the unlock code for free.  It’s a very simple process and you can’t beat the price.

Free LG G2 Unlock 

LG G2 Free Unlock CodeUCPC

With the worldwide launch of the LG G2 there’s of course a lot of buzz on the internet.  We’ve rounded up some reviews, hands-on videos, specs, etc for the device.  Check them out below:

Verizon claims its LG G2 variant comes with exclusive wireless charging  |  Engadget

LG G2 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4  |  GizMag

Can the LG G2 Superphone Take On Samsung? [HANDS ON]  |  Mashable

LG’s new G2: high-end smartphone in the front, button party in the back  |  The Verge

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